onsdag 12 augusti 2015

3-5 september. Berättare utan gränser - konferens i Hamburg "Storytelling in engaging with refugees"

3.-5. September 2015 in Hamburg
First international conference by Tellers without Borders
A story to tell – a heart to listen
Storytelling in engaging with refugees

The conference languages are English and German

We have not experienced a human migration of such enormity, as a result of war and poverty, since the end of World War II.  Those who have managed to reach Europe are now in need and are deserving of much care.   Many of us are moved by their plight and are trying to help.  So, what can we do as storytellers?  How can we offer support to those who have left their homes, often in traumatic circumstances.    How can we act, in good faith and with a sense of heart-felt responsibility to ease and support their passage of transition?

Storytelling, lectures, workshops, exchange of experiences and ideas.

With Laura Simms, New York/USA, Jasna Held, Dubrovnik/Croatia, Odile Neri-Kaiser, France and Stuttgart/Germany, Reza Maschajechi, Nürtingen/d/Iran, Brendan Nolan, Dublin/Ireland, Flora Pethybridge, UK, Charles Aceval, Tübingen/Germany/France/Algeria, Karin Tscholl, Tirol/Austria, Asma Qwaider, Palestine/Hamburg/Germany, Micaela Sauber, Roana Falkenberg, Gerdt Heser, Hamburg/Germany, special guests: Juan delGado, London, UK,  Maria Serrano, ALBA Finland.

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