torsdag 18 augusti 2016

Inger Lise Oelrich tipsar: Storytelling for Health Conference (Swansea, 16-17th June 2017)

AMBU Health Board is holding its very first Storytelling for Health conference. This major international conference will bring together arts practitioners, health practitioners and researchers.

Our aims are to acknowledge and celebrate the importance and growth of storytelling for health and to understand and promote good practice. To this end we are seeking contributions within the following three conference strands:
  • Sharing good practice
  • Sharing and building the evidence
  • Embedding storytelling in health & sustainability

We would be delighted to hear about projects which facilitate communication and build shared language across different cultures (eg: patients and clinicians, artists and commissioners), projects which embed storytelling in training of health professionals, projects which have influenced policy, examples of project evaluations, examples of methodologies or projects which utilise different methodological approaches, case studies from any stage of the life of a project from origination to completion, inter-disciplinary evidence, and explorations of gaps in the existing research.

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